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Major Products

  • T-50 Golden Eagle - T-50 Golden Eagle is an Advanced Jet Trainer and Lead-In Fighter Trainer for the Next generation Fighter Pilots.go
  • 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer - K9 Thunder, with the perfect ability, secures various strong-point defenses and has great fire power.go
  • Ship-to-Ship Missile - Advanced long range missile mounted on warships.go
  • Landing Platform Helicopter - Dokdo, built by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, is the first multi-purpose LPH both in Korea and in Asia.go
  • LightWeight/ Heavyweight Torpedo - Torpedo deployed from submarines to strike hostile surface ships and other submarines.go
  • STEALTH Destroyer - Anti-submarine, air and surface warfare.go
  • Portable Surface-to-Air Missile - Chiron is a portable surface to air missile effective against hostile aerial targets operating at low altitudes.go
  • DOT SIGHT - Model DCL120 is designed and developed primarily for the application of .50(12.7mm) Caliber Heavy Machine Guns(HMGs).go
  • Korean New Main Battle Tank - The K2 designed to lead the future combat environments is the indigenous Korean model that has world class mobility, fire power and survivability.go
  • UAS - Unmanned Aerial System With accumulated technological know-hows and total system integration capabilities through various UAS development programs, Korean Air will continue its best efforts to lead the way to a powerful nation in aerospace development.go
  • SMOOTH BORE TYPE - The ABC system from Soosung Defense Industries makes sure that the barrels of tanks, artillery and naval turrets are always kept in optimum condition and ready for... ...immediate use anytime anywhere and it will be essential item for all of the tanks, artilleries and naval guns in the world.go
  • Submersible Assault Boat - SDV 1000 W is a hybrid submersible/surface vessel designed to deliver divers and equipment with a diesel electric propulsion.go